vendredi 30 juin 2017

The Make-Up (Primavera Sound)

One of my favourite concerts at Primavera Sound this year! Ian Svenonius is an incredible frontman, weird and sassy, with an apparently unstoppable energy! The interactions with the audience were numerous and highly enjoyable. Definitely a band I'd like to see again soon!

mercredi 28 juin 2017

Belako (Primavera Sound)

El primer concierto que vimos en el segundo día... ¡y la mejor manera de empezarlo! A Belako les vi por primera vez en el 2014 en el mismo festival: me habían gustado mucho el concierto y la energía de este joven grupo. Tres años más tarde, han mantenido la energía y las sonrisas contagiosas, añadiendo un poco más de experiencia y madurez, sin perder la espontaneidad. Realmente, un concierto muy bonito y dinámico, ¡acompañado por un público bastante entregado! 

mardi 27 juin 2017

The Damned (Primavera Sound)

Potentially the only name in the line-up that had aroused real enthusiasm on my part, The Damned also proved to be one of my favourite gigs this year at Primavera Sound! The band complied with everything I was hoping for. In particularly upbeat form, they were energetic and sassy, making it clear that even though they had been scheduled on one of the smallest stages of the premises, they would not go quietly! And as I mentioned in my review of the three days before, I was particularly impressed by Dave Vanian who took the stage over in his goth attire and his - still - amazing voice...