samedi 21 juin 2014

Holi Barcelona

A principios de abril, se celebró el festival Holi en Barcelona. Para los que no conocen, se trata de una fiesta del calendario hindú que, al parecer, ha perdido bastante de su connotación religiosa... pero nada de su lado más festivo! El principio es sencillo: armarse de colores en polvo y lanzarlos por la calle! Ya veréis en las fotos abajo que el resultado es bastante divertido.

También era para mi la ocasión de probar por primavera vez mi nueva cámara... Doble razón de pasarlo bien!

samedi 14 juin 2014

Nine Inch Nails (Primavera Sound)

Nine Inch Nails at Primavera Sound... If I want to be honest, that's the name that convinced me to buy my pass. Ok, along with the name of Queens Of The Stone Age, I can't lie. But man, the idea of seeing Nine Inch Nails in concert for the second time in less than a year... The previous time had been at Rock en Seine in Paris last August. Amazing concert, one of the two highlights of last year's edition (along with, of course, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club... Have I ever mentioned them?!). This time at Primavera Sound, Nine Inch Nails' concert was definitely THE highlight for me. A completely different stage set-up, more minimalist; a different setlist (which rocked everything down) and a Trent Reznor in amazingly good shape. Not that he wasn't at Rock en Seine. But I guess it was the beginning of the tour so after some months touring, this concert at Primavera Sound was simply brilliant.

Not so long ago, I read on Drowned in Sound this wonderful summary: "So thank heavens for Trent Reznor. With all tour reports from Blighty being unanimously positive, his return to the festival arena with Nine Inch Nails doesn't disappoint here either. 'March Of The Pigs' sounding brutal as ever, 'Wish' also demonic, but its left to the closing couplet of 'Head Like A Hole' and 'Hurt' to illustrate why he's held in such legendary status." Right on... Not sure I can find better words to sum that concert up!

The set opened on "Me, I'm Not", quickly followed by "Sanctified". I think at this point, the crowd was already won. Anyway, my neighbours on my right and on my left sides were definitely going for some back-up singing. Not judging: so was I! Then on to the first song from "Hesitation Marks": "Copy Of A". Even though that record left me somewhat confused, I have to say the songs sound really great in concert. And all the rest of the gig was a subtle combination of minimalist electro and roaring guitars. The genius part is that you couldn't even tell how the transition was made... Trent Reznor would alternate between a guitar, keyboards and nothing but his mic without you even realizing what was going on. It just happened. Like that. Because yes, it's Nine Inch Nails, it's Trent Reznor. What else do you need, really? Also worth highlighting on the set list, the irresistible duo "March Of The Pigs" / "Piggy", "Came Back Haunted", the apparent respite of "Find My Way" and the electric explosion of "Closer". Lots of back-up singing there as well... And as if this wasn't enough, the concert moved towards its end with "Wish", "demonic" yes, but also powerful, intense, perversely irresistible. It was followed by "The Hand That Feeds" and its accompanying crowd of fists and hands in the air, and then the above mentioned closing couplet of "Head Like A Hole" and the heart-breaking "Hurt". 

And this was it... And I was left feeling both devastated by the haunting lyrics of "Hurt" as always, and in a daze for having lived again the Nine Inch Nails experience, even more intensely this time. And that's when the festival came to an end for me. There was literally nothing left to see... It all ended when Trent Reznor and his brilliant musicians left the stage. Nothing could go beyond that. And all that could have been... And all that was...


Dum Dum Girls (Primavera Sound)

One of my highlights of this year's Primavera Sound... I was very impatient to see Dum Dum Girls for two obvious reasons: it's a band that I like a lot and I had never seen them live. Two facts that are absolutely incompatible! Contradiction resolved. And happily resolved, I should add because this concert was one of the good moments of the festival for me. 

The first time I heard a song by Dum Dum Girls, I was immediately seduced by the combination of noisy and dreamy pop rock and by the powerful, sensual, somewhat softly tortured voice of the singer. And of course, a band of female musicians (I'm trying to avoid the expression "girls' band" because, as I stated earlier, I really don't like it!)... Do I need to say more? Icing on the cake: I knew the current bassist for her work with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club that, as I might have mentioned before, is one of my favourite rock bands. It is a small world after all...

Digression left aside, it was a really nice moment on this third day of festival. I was happy to hear some of my favourite songs from the band: "Bedroom Eyes", "I Got Nothing", "Lord Knows", all impeccable and, of course, the heart-breaking "Coming Down" which got the crowd to applaud after Dee Dee Penny's heartfelt notes when she sings "Here I go". My only regret is obviously the festival-imposed short time that the artists get on stage. I can only hope I'll see them again soon for a real concert of their own.

Belako (Primavera Sound)

Tercer y último día del Primavera Sound para mi, empezando particularmente bien con Belako, un grupo de Vizcaya... que me dejó boquiabierta! Energía pura para estos cuatro músicos que a primera vista, apenas superan los 20 años. Y la transmiten increíblemente bien, esta energía! No pararon, no se cansaron y no nos dejaron ni un minuto para aburrirnos! Y vaya osmosis entre ell@s... De verdad, una pequeña joya nacional dentro de la impresionante programación internacional de esta edición del Primavera. Espero volver a verles pronto.