samedi 14 juin 2014

Sharon Van Etten (Primavera Sound)

Here is a name I had already seen at Primavera Sound! I think it was a couple of years ago when Sharon Van Etten made her debut at the festival. I was thrilled to see her back then. I was equally thrilled to see her this time! 

Her harmonic music is both elegant and raw. She surrounds herself with excellent musicians -the same ones as last time, if I recall correctly. At least, the backup singer was the same because I remember feeling already quite fascinated at how attuned their voices sounded, which made the singing particularly intense and poignant. Same thing this time... It truly was an extremely beautiful concert, with slow paced songs like "All I Can" and "Warsaw", which opened the set with their layered harmonies. More energetic songs like "Serpents" were also played. 

But it's true that in accordance with the music, the concert was a rather quiet one and I was surprised to see the crowd so attentive. It is not something that happens so often in Barcelona, to be fair. But it's probably because Sharon Van Etten won us over so easily! She looked very comfortable on stage and intervened in-between songs, making a public "apology" for the joke she had made about Barcelona a couple of years ago, adding: "Sarcasm doesn't translate well in Spanish". This comment still makes me laugh so hard -although it's probably very true! She made other graceful comments and after a particularly down tempo, melancholy song, made me laugh again so much by proclaiming herself "the queen of anti-climactic"! Alright, maybe she is, after all. But who really cares when you get such heartfelt music for such a heartfelt concert? And as good things always come in threes, I hope I'll see Ms. Van Etten again very soon at Primavera Sound!

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