mardi 10 mars 2015

Jace Everett

Still trying to catch up with last year's photos that I haven't published yet! So we're going to travel a few months back in time, more precisely in May 2014 when I went to see Jace Everett in concert in Barcelona.

Who is Jace Everett, some of you may wonder. Well, very easy answer: he is the voice of True Blood's theme song "Bad Things". Yeah, you see the one... "I wanna do bad things with you..." That's right. Now you may think what you want of the show: that song is pretty amazing (and so is the music they choose in general, by the way). But as unbelievable as it may sound, turns out Mr. Everett did many other things completely unrelated to HBO & Co. For his misfortune, none of these things reached the level of fame that "Bad Things" did, even inspiring one of my favourite rock bands to contribute their very own version of the song. And it truly is a shame. When I first heard the original song, I got curious and started investigating. I found out that the singer had already released a couple of albums, among which "Old New Borrowed Blues" that I particularly liked. So obviously, I started following him from then on. And when he released his latest record, I was expecting it... and when he started touring, I was waiting for him!

So back in May 2014... I discovered thanks to this concert a venue I had never been to: Rocksound. Promising name, I thought. Turns out it's a bar, really. So without knowing this, I got there way too early, found myself before closed doors and when they finally let me in, I sat down at the bar with a beer, only to see a few minutes later Jace Everett come in, leave his stuff, sit down at the bar in front of me and have a beer himself! Rocksound is a rather small venue for a concert so there were not so many people and it was really easy to enjoy this intimate atmosphere. As a matter of fact, so intimate that it was only Jace Everett and his guitarist Dan Cohen on stage. Guess the rest of the band had been allowed to take a day off to enjoy Barcelona. Obviously, the set was more of an acoustic one... and it was really great! Quite laid-back, the singer only confirmed the amazing potential of his voice in live conditions. He's also a really good communicator with an audience and has quite a sense of humour. I still remember his slightly ironic way of introducing "Bad Things", reminding the audience that he had actually written the song a long time ago but that no one ever gave a shit about it back then... until some genius from TV decided to play it along with images of boobs! Too true... but doesn't it work like that for so many things?!

Anyway, I remember at some point feeling a little sorry that only that song seems to matter when really, there are so many other great songs in his different albums -and the songs from the last record sound amazing in an acoustic version. On the other hand, I would lie if I said that I didn't genuinely enjoy seeing Jace Everett for the first time in a small club and in this relaxed atmostphere! But still, every year, when the organizers of the Cruïlla festival launch their survey about which artists the audience would like to see the following year, I always include Jace Everett in my proposals. I'm not losing hope of seeing him again in Barcelona one of these days. Even if it means not having the occasion to go and exchange a few words with him after the concert and take a photo! ;-)

Extra bonus: the two videos I made during the show, starting with "Pennsylvania", taken from the last record.

And continuing with "Bad Things", not because it's so inevitable but because it sounds nice with only two guitars... and because Dan Cohen rocks!

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