jeudi 10 septembre 2015

Streets of New York

The very last post about New York... This time, I'm not focusing so much on monuments, architecture, lines or whatever may have crossed my mind or imagination in the previous articles. Instead, here is a selection of moments randomly captured in the streets of New York, with which I'm simply trying to show the diversity of atmospheres, feelings and urban landscapes you can get while walking around this city.

And I'm taking this opportunity to thank again my friend and host Milie (I hope I can come back really soon!), as well as Constance for the lovely drinks and tour we had in Brooklyn, and Camille and Bruno for the always amazing company! :-)

Park Avenue

East Side
Times Square
"Repent, follow Jesus"
Getting away from Times Square
Dancing in the streets
(Worth mentioning that this young man entirely danced his way across Brooklyn Bridge)

Empire Stores warehouse in Dumbo, Brooklyn
"In pursuit of magic"
"Art is not a crime"
Dumbo, Brooklyn
Little Italy
Somewhere in Manhattan
Bushwick, Brooklyn
Reunión de amigos barceloneses!

The photos below feature many art works by the Bushwick Collective.

Along the High Line

mercredi 9 septembre 2015

New York in Yellow

This is something fun I've been trying to do during my latest urban visits: find out what "colour" a city is. Black and white photography always tends to give a sort of timeless feeling. But if you pay attention, there always are a lot of colours in a city -some splashes of red here, a touch of blue there. Maybe it was because over one week in New York, I actually had two sunny days, which means I may have missed the sun so bad I was desperately looking for yellow! But truth is there is a lot of yellow in this city, spread out in more or less obvious, more or less detailed ways. So here we go for 20 shades of yellow!

mardi 8 septembre 2015

Reflections of New York

I guess the title is rather self-explanatory... So here are some more photos inspired by the contrasts of New York, its verticality, the geometry that sometimes looks like some kind of abstract painting, the reflections that remind of an impressionist painting...


 Central Park


Reflet dans les lunettes de Camille


Avec Milie