samedi 31 mai 2014

Laguna Beach

And here we are: four months late, I'm publishing the very last photos of the very last days in California! If you missed the previous episodes, you can always click on the "California" label. Otherwise, just go with the flow!

After our quick last stops along the coast, we made it back to our departure point, Laguna Beach, where we simply enjoyed these last days relaxing, shopping and tasting some more wine obviously. In total, I spent 2 weeks in California. It felt both like more and less... More because I saw so many things, so many varied landscapes, so many different atmospheres. Less because it went by soooo fast! Only hope I can go back sometime and keep exploring this beautiful region.

And hopefully, there will be more trips to share on this blog sooner than later... :-)

vendredi 30 mai 2014

Redondo Beach / Huntington Beach

After the couple of days we spent in Los Angeles, back on the road again for the final part of this road trip. We made a quick stop in Redondo Beach, more to take fun pictures than anything else really. Can't say I was very impressed by this town. Our second stop in Huntington Beach was more interesting, if only for the oil drillers that are literally located right before houses, offering a rather strange landscape,  which kind of has a quirky charm in the light of sunset.

I was only allowed to publish this photo after I made this promise... and I'm a woman of my word!

Huntington Beach

lundi 26 mai 2014

Nick Waterhouse

A couple of months ago and after a failed attempt at Primavera Sound last year (lame, but I just didn't manage to escape from work to make it in time for his gig), I finally managed to go and see Nick Waterhouse in concert! A great moment spent at the sound of a mixture between rhythm & blues, jazz and soul, among a rather enthusiastic crowd, obviously there to have a great time with an amazing band, ready to make everyone dance. Wonderful musicians and relaxed atmosphere for a set that would have made the whole city happy!

And a couple of videos: "Say I Wanna Know" and "I Can Only Give You Everything"

mardi 20 mai 2014

Lights and reflections in Los Angeles

Last part of my photos of Los Angeles. For once, I'm setting aside the chronology and going for a more thematic approach -as you have undoubtedly guessed from the pretty self-explanatory title. So these photos were taken during the two days we spent in Los Angeles and just aim at showing how impacted I was by the beautiful lights and images I saw while we walked around Downtown. The wonderful thing about the winter sun is that it always seems to provide a softer light...

View of Los Angeles from somewhere along Mulholland Drive
Mulholland Drive lights