mardi 30 juin 2015

Ex Hex (Primavera Sound)

Another band that I didn't know and happily discovered at Primavera Sound this year: Ex Hex and their irresistible punk mixed with powerful pop. Lots of women on stage this year!

dimanche 21 juin 2015

Fumaça Preta (Primavera Sound)

Most likely one of the craziest gigs I saw this year at Primavera Sound! And it's kinda difficult to describe... You'd have to imagine a blend of rock, punk, pop and Latin rhythms to start with. The fusion is not only full of ideas and energy, but also slightly hallucinogenic. Add to this musicians who seem to never get tired, have a blast on stage and take the audience along with them on this happy, crazy, powerful journey, and you might begin to have a slight idea... Better to see them live, though!

The KVB (Primavera Sound)

Another one of the nice discoveries this edition of Primavera Sound had in store for me. They were described as some sort of missing link between The Cure, Joy Division and New Order. Obviously, that description sounded very promising to me. But to be honest, it would be a rather quick summary, since the British duo doesn't seem to stick to one particular sound rooted in some sort of 80s nostalgia. On the contrary, they sound much more eclectic than they are described and I really felt like taking a journey along with these catchy, dark, sonic waves that they are experts at delivering.

samedi 20 juin 2015

The Thurston Moore Band (Primavera Sound)

Unavoidable gig for me! Guitars, distortion, high-voltage electricity... What else, really? So yes, sure, it didn't sound radically different from Sonic Youth. Hard to avoid, I guess. But there was a feeling of creation on stage that really fascinated me. As if the songs started to take a life of their own, breaking free from their pattern and drowning into noise and improvisation, before magically coming back to their initial melody and riffs. Definitely one of my highlights of Primavera Sound 2015...