lundi 9 juin 2014

Warpaint (Primavera Sound)

So here we are. After a brief introduction in photos, here I go for the real thing, the real reason why I bought this pass for Primavera Sound: the live music! Things started for me with the concert of Warpaint, whom I was really impatient to see on stage. I haven't been following these girls for that long but I really liked what I heard from them and particularly their last record. Songs like "Keep It Healthy" or "Love Is To Die" are absolutely brilliant. This mixture of a somewhat plaintive mood and harder riffs is so completely my thing! There is a touch of atmospheric pop to their music but the darker, more melancholy feeling is what has appealed to me from the start. I also love how the singing parts are shared and how the main singer sometimes purrs more than she sings. The voices are sometimes almost ethereal, which creates such an interesting contrast with the harder rocking sound.

With that introduction, I guess it's not very hard to understand that I very much enjoyed this concert. Also, without getting too much into a gender debate, I have to say I always appreciate seeing a (good) "girls' band" on stage, even though I hate that expression. But the sad truth is that this expression still exists because there are so few of them that people still tend to notice when there are only girls on stage. Anyway, for my taste, it was en excellent concert and I'm particularly happy at the thought of seeing them again in a couple of months at Rock en Seine!

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