samedi 14 juin 2014

Dum Dum Girls (Primavera Sound)

One of my highlights of this year's Primavera Sound... I was very impatient to see Dum Dum Girls for two obvious reasons: it's a band that I like a lot and I had never seen them live. Two facts that are absolutely incompatible! Contradiction resolved. And happily resolved, I should add because this concert was one of the good moments of the festival for me. 

The first time I heard a song by Dum Dum Girls, I was immediately seduced by the combination of noisy and dreamy pop rock and by the powerful, sensual, somewhat softly tortured voice of the singer. And of course, a band of female musicians (I'm trying to avoid the expression "girls' band" because, as I stated earlier, I really don't like it!)... Do I need to say more? Icing on the cake: I knew the current bassist for her work with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club that, as I might have mentioned before, is one of my favourite rock bands. It is a small world after all...

Digression left aside, it was a really nice moment on this third day of festival. I was happy to hear some of my favourite songs from the band: "Bedroom Eyes", "I Got Nothing", "Lord Knows", all impeccable and, of course, the heart-breaking "Coming Down" which got the crowd to applaud after Dee Dee Penny's heartfelt notes when she sings "Here I go". My only regret is obviously the festival-imposed short time that the artists get on stage. I can only hope I'll see them again soon for a real concert of their own.

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