mardi 25 février 2014

Death Valley

Back to the photos of the Californian road trip! I left the story at the very beginning, really. So as the title so explicitly suggests, I will go on with the first inevitable stop that we had planned: the Death Valley. It took us a while to actually get there 'cause the road we had planned to take was closed due to flooding. So we arrived at night, which didn't allow us to really enjoy the landscape but surely gave us a wonderful opportunity to get lost in the contemplation of a cloudless starry sky.

As the first photo proves, we got up on the next day at the same time as the sun! Quite unusual for someone who lives in Barcelona and is more used to going to bed when the sun rises on Sunday morning but exceptional measures are to be taken when you find yourself in such an exceptional site. I am not going to lose myself in so many comments because really, it is difficult to describe into words such breath-taking landscapes. I will just let you have a look at the photos -although I'm aware that they have only very partially and imperfectly captured the wilderness and desolated beauty of it all. I only hope they manage to transmit some of the sensations I felt before these landscapes, wild shapes and colours, which so often gave me the impression of being in a painting.

At approximately 6.30 in the morning
I want to go straight ahead
Waves of colours
Devil's cornfield

And if you missed the beginning of the story, you can catch up here. :-)

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pasosypedales a dit…

Wow!!! Nice pictures for such a incredible place ;)