mercredi 2 avril 2014

Down Highway 1

I realize that I'm running really late in my publications but I have to say I rather enjoy this feeling of sorting out my photos and my memories. It makes me feel like I was in California two weeks ago! So after the musical break I took when I published my photos of Depeche Mode, I'm back to the Californian road trip.

I left things in San Francisco. After these two amazing days we spent there and in Oakland, we took the road again, heading South on the famous Highway 1, which is said to run along some of the most beautiful coastlines in the USA. Not hard to believe: the landscapes are truly amazing as the road improbably makes its way between the Pacific Ocean and the inland hills. Time to really enjoy driving a convertible! We reached Half Moon Bay more or less at mid-day and it is really after this stop that the landscapes became spectacularly beautiful, the road turning sharply among the cliffs. Hard to take my eyes off of these sights... We kept driving, making regular stops to get lost in the contemplation of the Pacific and its infinite horizon line until we made it to the Monterey Bay Area, dropped the car to walk through Capitola and reached the piers just in time for sunset.

"I wish I was the moon"

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