mercredi 31 décembre 2014

Queens Of The Stone Age (Rock en Seine)

Turns out Warpaint wasn't the only band I got to see both at Primavera Sound and Rock en Seine this year... OK, still complicated for me to be objective on that one 'cause I love Queens Of The Stone Age. The concert they gave at Primavera Sound was a great one, no doubt about that. The only thing, as I stated earlier, was mostly the relative indifference surrounding their concert (and the concert of Nine Inch Nails), which I partly understand since the audience in Barcelona always seems more excited by a DJ set. Whatever. Tastes and colours are not to be debated. And on the other side, I have to admit that the concert of Nine Inch Nails at Primavera Sound was even better than the one I saw at Rock en Seine last year.

But long story short: QOTSA, edition 2014 at Primavera Sound, were great. QOTSA, edition 2014 at Rock en Seine, after an amazing day whose previous highlights had been Blood Red Shoes, Warpaint and Brody Dalle, were positively amazing! No huge changes in the set list -at least, none that I could notice so obviously. The concert opened on "You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like A Millionaire". I think most of the crowd at Rock en Seine was already won at this point. So I'm not even telling you when the first notes of "No One Knows" started... I'm pretty sure I heard some kind of collective roar coming from the audience. The songs taken from "... Like Clockwork" sounded great, in particular "My God Is The Sun", "Smooth Sailing", "I Sat By The Ocean" and "If I Had A Tail". I don't think they had played "The Vampyre Of Time And Memory" at Primavera Sound and I sure enjoyed hearing it live for the first time. Of course, the couplet "Little Sister" / "Feel Good" set the crowd on fire, as well as the closing couplet "Go With The Flow" (huge!) / "Song For The Dead", which just left me breathless, voiceless, hypnotized and euphoric!

And that was for sure the most brilliant way to put an end to this year's Rock en Seine... See y'all next year!

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Anonyme a dit…

J'adore le jeu de lumières jaune qui fait un peu futuriste!!!...Un grand moment de rock d'ailleurs avec un jeu à la basse du chanteur absolument sensationnelle!!!

Carolita a dit…

T'as regardé les photos du Primavera Sound aussi ? Il y avait des effets de lumière sympas aussi !