vendredi 4 novembre 2016

Iggy Pop (Rock en Seine)

Iggy Pop by Jason Latour

Another legend... Last year, I got to see Patti Smith at Primavera Sound. Earlier this year, it was Robert Plant who was the highlight of Cruïlla festival. This year at Rock en Seine, the unmissable gig was of course that of Iggy Pop. I might have enjoyed a little more his gig at Cruïlla a few years ago. However, it is always such a tremendous pleasure to see Iggy Pop on a stage! I can't say my pictures really give a proper tribute to that exceptional moment because I was really far. But if the quality's not there, at least the photos account for a heartfelt memory of a pretty unique moment...

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Didier Morillon a dit…

Increvable ce tant mieux vu l'énergie dépensée et le spectacle qu'il propose !!