lundi 2 janvier 2017


Welcoming 2017 with some memories of the really nice gig The KVB gave in Barcelona in April last year... I had seen them live for the first time at Primavera Sound in 2015 and had really enjoyed their show back then. Seeing them at their very own gig, without the unavoidable limitations that the format of a festival imposes, was even more enjoyable. Hope to see the third round soon!

2 commentaires:

Didier Morillon a dit…

De belles photos "ténébreuses" (à relativiser of course !!!).

Carolita a dit…

Non, non, ne relativise pas : leur musique ne respire pas forcément la joie de vivre ou l'enthousiasme donc le lieu du concert et les lumières (ou l'absence de lumières, en l'occurrence !) allaient plutôt bien avec l'ambiance générale !