mercredi 27 novembre 2013

Cat Power (Cruïlla)

So let’s keep moving on to the second concert I saw during this 2013 edition of the Cruïlla festival and which was actually one of the names that, when appearing on the programme, convinced me that I had done a really smart move by buying my tickets in advance and without even knowing who was coming to play! And that name is, of course, Cat Power. I had seen her quite some time ago when I was living in Brussels and I have really fond memories of that concert. I think it was for the tour she took after releasing her record “The Greatest”. So yeah, definitely some time ago… Of course, when I saw she was coming to Cruïlla, I rushed to listen to her new album –which I loved and still keep listening with a certain nostalgic feeling. Songs like “Ruin” really tend to invite you to close your eyes and forget about everything that’s going on around you.

After a rather uncertain beginning, the concert of Cruïlla just went crescendo, with that lovely, delicate, broken voice of hers supported by very good musicians (particularly the guitarist/keyboardist, who also happens to look like a fucking rock star) and hypnotizing the audience (or me, at least!). As had happened in Brussels, I just didn’t see time pass by and was almost surprised when the concert came to an end, with Chan (literally) throwing flowers to the audience. And back to reality… Here goes my summary in photos.

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