lundi 21 décembre 2015

Asaf Avidan (Cruïlla)

Third time I'm seeing Asaf Avidan live, after seeing him with band at Solidays a couple of years ago and after being totally blown away by his solo concert in Barcelona last year. Third time and yet, it is as difficult as ever to find the words to describe! Sensitive and primal, dreamy and desperate, Asaf Avidan's music is a subtle balance between catchy melodies and tortured vocals, entertaining story-telling and heart-breaking poems. I had never heard the songs from the last record live and I was particularly happy and moved to re-discover them, some being a real wonder in their live version. The rest of the concert was just pure Asaf Avidan, alternating between crushingly depressive songs and jokes with the audience -as if to allow us to catch our breath for a brief moment before continuing the journey...

 One song from the last record, "The Labyrinth Song"

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