dimanche 3 août 2014

Valerie June (Cruïlla)

Second day of the Cruïlla festival! It started for us with the super nice concert of the lovely Valerie June. I had already seen her at Rock en Seine last year but her concert this time at Cruïlla was so much better. And I think I wasn't the only one that day to fall in love with her special mix of blues, folk, country, gospel and probably something else that I'm forgetting along the way! Add to this a powerful, yet somehow broken voice and an incredible talent for story-telling and you'll have a pretty accurate image of the great moment we spent with Ms. June! It was apparently her first concert in Spain... Let's hope there will be many more! We'll be waiting... :-)

The banjo who wanted to be a superstar...

 Here's the video I made of the beautiful song "Workin' Woman Blues".

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