dimanche 10 août 2014

Imelda May (Cruïlla)

Even though this wasn't the last concert I went to, my summary in photos of this year's Cruïlla comes to an end with the lovely concert that the talented Imelda May gave. I have to stress at this point the relative pride that I take in remembering that I had included her name when I answered last year's survey: "Which artists would you like to see next year at Cruïlla?" Well... My wish list for festivals can be extremely long! But I somehow managed to narrow it down to some names. Including, of course, Imelda May, who came with her talented musicians and her unique, impressive voice to make us dance to the sound of rockabilly.

And for the final note of my summary, here are my videos of "Wild Woman" and "Mayhem". Doo doo doop!... :-)

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