jeudi 18 août 2016

She Keeps Bees

No, this is not a concert I managed to squeeze in between two festivals. This one took place in May last year but I never had or took the time to go through my photos. It was organized thanks to Cooncert, an initiative I have been following for a while now. It's basically a social initiative that aims to promote concerts in Spain, probably born from the fact that the rise in cultural taxes made it extremely more complicated for artists, both national and international, to organize tours in the country. So the process is easy: you propose artists that you would like to see live. If your proposal is selected, it is shared on Cooncert's Website so that other users can vote. If you manage to get enough votes, the team at Cooncert gets in touch with the artists (or their agents, I'm assuming) to organize a gig in one or several Spanish cities -according to the expressions of interest!

She Keeps Bees was not one of my proposals (although I'm proud to say Cooncert already selected two of my proposals!) but I could totally have made it. It's a band I discovered thanks to a friend and ever since I listened to them, I wanted to see them live. Obviously, I can cross that off the list now... Except that I enjoyed this concert so much I would totally vote for them to come back any time! Originally a duo, She Keeps Bees is a band that moved me right from the very first time I listened to them. The haunting voice of the singer, the melancholy melodies, the powerful darkness of the lyrics,... Everything appealed to me and they very quickly became one of the contemporary bands I find most intriguing. The concert was as great as I imagined it would be, with a rare closeness with the audience. And I'll remember for a long time, with a particular fondness, the genuinely surprised but sincere smile of the singer when I went to talk to her after the show to tell her I had been waiting for them to come to Barcelona for a long time!


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