mardi 17 décembre 2013

Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue (Cruïlla)

Okay... I haven't started yet and I already know I won't find the words to describe this concert. I have to be honest: for me, this was by far the best one of this edition of the Cruïlla festival.

To state that Trombone Shorty is an incredible musician feels absolutely unnecessary. Yes, he is able to play with his trombone the longest notes I have ever heard, leading me to believe that his lung capacity is on the verge of being extra-human. And as soon as he finishes the note, he takes his breath and starts singing again as if nothing had happened. So yes, there's no doubt: he is amazing. So are all the musicians on stage with him, with no exception. And as if the concert had not been proof enough, they all switched instruments at the end of the encore. Because, yeah... why not, really?! But obviously, on top of the excellent music, the technical performance, the groovy vibes and everything, it was an absolutely exhilarating moment, full of dynamism, communication with the audience, generosity,... The kind of concert that makes you want to dance all night long, that seems to pass by in a heartbeat and that leaves you in a kind of daze...

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