samedi 5 juillet 2014

Triggerfinger (Solidays)

Third and last day of this year's Solidays...  But what a day! It all started with Triggerfinger... If you have no idea who they are and if you like rock music, I can only recommend you to rush and listen to them! I had the curiosity to check the Internet to see how they were described and I came across this rather funny sentence on Wikipedia about their debut album: "The album was well received by rock fans, with the band's sound being compared to bands such as Queens of the Stone Age, by the younger audience, and Led Zeppelin, by the older rock fans." I found it funny but it's quite accurate! And as a fan of Queens of the Stone Age, I feel flattered to (still) be considered as part of the "younger audience", haha! 

I was really impatient to see Triggerfinger live, in part because I really like what they do of course and in part because my friend Emilie had given me enthusiastic live reports from their concerts. I was about to write that another reason is that they'll probably never come to play in Spain (Am I allowed to go for another diatribe against the stupid cultural policies that the Spanish government have implemented?!) but I just found out that they're coming to Barcelona in October so I'll just shut up on this one! ;-)

Back to Solidays: it was a bit tough to make us come as early as 4 p.m. on a third day of festival but we did it, despite the rain... and it was so absolutely worth it! One hour of powerful, energetic rock, with excellent musicians and great performers on stage, both classy and cheeky: all that I needed, really! And now I just can't wait to see them again in Barcelona!

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